What is your experience with big crowds using Glide?

I went to a festival, this weekend. And the festival only had a pdf for the schedule and info. I decided to build my own app with Glide. It took some copying and pasting but after that I had a more than handy app with alle relevant info. I shared it with some people I know that work for the festival. They were enthusiastic and started sharing it with the other peopling working there.
Then I thought: would the app have worked as the official event app? 25.000 people visiting that start checking schedules and band info?
What do you think?
What is your experience?

Are you thinking about how it would cope with so many users?

If so I saw this the other day

“one app that was comfortably supporting in excess of 300k users”

Ah thanks, so in my case it shouldnt have been a problem! Nice!

This pga story should also give you some faith in the power of glide :wink:


That’s great to know, especially because Glide positions itself more and more as tool to build internal business tools.

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The PGA app was only used by ~100 people at once. It was used by the people running the event and scanning tickets, not by attendees.

Apps scale ‘infinitely’ when users are only reading data, so 25k concert goers reading schedules will be fine.


Thanks, great to know. Yeah, i’m only talking about reading data.

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