What is the better way to create "User Specific" GS\XLS report

Hey glidermans!

I need to create user reports calculating data by rollup columns from main operations sheet. This report must be XLSX or GS.
I made Report sheet\tab in my App GS as a Report Template and fill it by calculating user data,
then use Open link Action to export this Sheet to XLS.

But seems it could be troubles when many users will use this approach because they share the native GS Report Sheet, so reporting data could be mixed from different users. Of course I use User Specific Columns for user filtering to catch exact data which the user want to see in the report. But to have possibility to export this Sheet i need to fill the native GS Columns. It is not easy to fill the Template Report sheet staying on the 1st row - i use many Relations Columns to the same Sheet to use Set Column Action by this Relation to fill the data in different rows of Template.

What can i do to prevent the situation when different users making reports will fill the same native GS columns in the same time? My thoughts are following.

  • One way could be to make “user specific” sheet or tab. Is it possible\better?
  • Another way could be using API maybe instead of Exporting?
  • Or the better way is another?
    Does somebody solved such issue?

Thank you in advance.

If you use the technique described in the above, you eliminate the problem of users overwriting each other’s data. Also, because the export comes directly from Glide, you can include computed columns easily.


:pray: Thank you very much, Darren, am going to watch…