What is HTML?

In an inline component, I have to put a long sentence and put a picture for each paragraph. What is HTML?

Html is the programminglanguage language that websites run on.
You can place html in a Rich Text component.
What do you mean by an ‘inline’ component?



As you can see in the video, I want to insert an image between the texts when I click’Sacred Earth’ in the table of contents.

Since it is an INLINE Component, I am curious if an image is added. What if it is put in?

Strictly speaking, HTML is a markup language (that’s what the ML stands for), not a programming language. Sorry, the pedant in me coming out :slightly_smiling_face:


Your image is currently using a formula that only works in the Google sheet. You need to use Markdown or HTML to display brhe image. Here is some information.

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This is a good reference site :+1: