Using HTML in rich text components

I tried using HTML in my tests for rich text components.

Isn’t this HTML usage allowed?
★The images and texts used are dummy.


Nobody can stop you from using HTML and many of us do, but as several have observed when playing with CSS, it can and does break occasionally. You can use it, but Glide will not officially support it since that is not how they designed glide to work.

A lot of times you can get close to what you want with only glide components. I built this to compare to your example in less than 10 minutes without rich text and html.

This is the entire sheet.

Feel free to have a look:


Thank you Jeff.

I understand your point.
I think your example is also very nice.

However, using HTML in rich text components can certainly extend the reach of Glide’s representation.
↓ I created the following app in the test.

Prototype a magazine-like expression with glide (using Japanese)

I think it would be even better if it were possible to combine the simplicity that Glide currently has with the wide range of HTML expressions, as in this example.

I love working with Glide.


Very nice. I see your point and I also use a little bit of html to enhance a few things in my app.

I think the biggest advantage to using glide components instead of html is that they will automatically optimize images and components on the fly to load properly and most efficiently on different operating systems, different browsers, and different screen resolutions and orientations. For example, different image sizes and types will load depending on if you are viewing the image in a list or on a details screen. Different formats are used for chrome in Android compared to Safari on iOS. Whichever is more efficient and loads better on that device. Also consider different views and resolutions, like full tablet/desktop mode.

Just to give an example. Your app on my android chrome device with various different views in vertical and horizontal layout, desktop and mobile view, and full tablet mode in desktop view.

I use html only a little so I’m not opposed to it and I think it has some advantages. My main use of it is to build dynamic html tables since there is no glide equivalent that I was satisfied with and markdown tables just didn’t display very nice for what I needed. My other use is CSS to have floating buttons on my screen. I’ve seen CSS break due to class names changing with updates made by glide, so it’s just additional maintenance on my part to make make sure everything in my app is working correctly whenever Glide makes unrelated changes. If you are happy with HTML, I say go for it. It just may take some additional testing on your part to make sure everything works on multiple devices, browsers, screen resolutions, and any other configurations that Glide would normally handle for you. In my opinion, I feel html would be best used in small amounts to enhance a view instead of being the whole view. Also whenever possible, use markdown as it is supported and is rendered to html anyway.


I will also do some display tests.
Also, I would like to refer to your point.

Thank you Jeff.


Como puedes hacer para poner una imagen a lado de la otra? , o imagenes juntas?


Podrías usar cloudinary para lograr lo que quieres.

Edit: you could also try this CSS Choice Multiple - #11 by Manu.n

Even, depending on what you want you could use an inline list in tiles layout.


In that example I used an inline list, so each image is on a separate row, but showing the images next to each other. I changed the app so you can copy it if you want to take a look at how it is set up.