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I’m trying to add some HTML to my rich text. I would like for it to be gray, small, and left aligned. So far I’ve only have gotten it to display in gray. Is a certain text not allowed?



@Jen_NYCP1, any relation to @Jen_NYCP? ;D

left is not an HTML tag, and HTML is not supported in the Rich Text component.

Yes… I couldn’t log into my account :frowning:

Ah, ok! I figured out how to make it small…swapped out the H3.

What I am trying to do it create a title for my rich text component since there isn’t an option to do so. The title text that you find for the action text component seems to be a bit larger than the “small style” and smaller then the “regular style”.

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Is left alignment not doable?

Left alignment is do able on a text component.

If you want left alignment do it like this:

<p style="text-align:left;">Do it at your own risk</p>

Finallyy got into my account. Thank you! Hmm, that worked for a rich text component, not a regular text component. Is there a way to also make it gray? Not exactly feeling the extra space that is under the created ‘Details’ title, can code close that gap as well?


Why don’t you just use the normal action text for the details? Any extra HTML format needed in other items?

I have data that contains links, that’s why there is a need for a rich text component.

Would it be ok if you have the “Details” text as part of the rich text too? Because that spacing is default by Glide.

I am pulling data as my rich text so there is no option to add custom text and pull data from a column.

You can always use a template column to add additional text to that that data.

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I mean something like.

Your text

Ill look into this, thanks!

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Am trying to use html to add auto scrolling images but seems not to work as the images are only displaying vertically. No scrolling is taking place. Any help would be highly appreciated for