Is it possible to add style H1 headlines in glide?

Hey guys,

is it possible to style some parts of a headline with a different color? Is it possible to create big type size with the rich text comp?

Thanks in advance

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You can use the Rich Text component to implement html and style tags for different colors and sizes. The Text component also gives you different size and justification options.

Try this in the rich text <h1><font color= #FFFFF;>text


<h1><font color="#FC7B01">He</font><font color="#5754F6">ad</font><font color="#FFA5D6">er</font><font color="#02BAAD">1</font></h1>

You can add multiple time the combination of <font color="#FC7B01">{your_text}</font> in rich text to change colors! Make sure you don’t leave space between them!
For Header 1 tag user <h1>