Rich text questions


I have a couple Rich Text-related questions…

On a couple of pages in my Conference app, I’d like to add some explanatory language that mimics the style of the built-in labels. I am doing this through a Rich Text field, and was proud of myself that I figured out how to format it in HTML.

However, when I went to look something up in the glossary, I see that: “HTML tags (e.g. iframe) may technically work, but they are unsupported and could break at any time. We urge you not to use HTML tags with the Rich Text component.”

I tried a free online converter, but their answer results in an error. Can anyone tell me what the markdown language would be for the entry below? Thank you.

See the 'News' tab under the menu in the upper left corner of the homepage for the complete list of news items.

  1. On the form component, I do not think it’s intuitive to look to the upper right corner to find “submit” (or a checkmark), and am afraid people will back out of it without submitting.

Is there a way to insert a component with static language? Or do I have to copy it into every row of data and use a Rich Text component to pull it in for each record?

  1. Do you know how what symbol to use for a checkmark? I grabbed one from Word but it converted it to a square, i.e. Click on ‘Submit’ or  in the upper right corner. Please submit only one survey.



  1. Not sure what you are asking. I just see plainly formatted text. What’s supposed to look different about it? is a good source for testing it markdown syntax.

  2. If it’s just static text, you can use the custom text option of the rich text component and type in your text with markdown.

  3. You can find several emojis that you can insert in a text field at Here is a :heavy_check_mark: but you can find other versions on the site. Or you could create an image of the check mark in the app, then insert it in the markdown.

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