What happens when you change your email address for your account & they want you to verify and you can't?

The answer is NOTHING since Glide has ZERO customer support.

I no longer have the email I set up my account with, NO ACCESS. I send Glide an email explaining this and you get ZERO response.

Glide please contact me at mikec@sparklerdigital.com NOT our old address mike@sparklerdesign.com

My client needs changes and I can’t do them because I LOST ACCESS!!!

Glide sends me back to the community to get my answer. The other option is to get support when I’m logged into my account. FUNNY, they don’t seem to read what the issue is.

This is really eye opening. The learning here is if it is an enterprise solution that you built, don’t build it in Glide.

Hey @Sparkler, sending you a DM.