Account help I can’t login into my glide account via google. Help needed

I had a glide account under but we had to change our emails and it was changed to I never changed my glide email because I was always logged in. Now I can’t log into my Glide account and have essentially lost all the apps I have. I emailed the support email last week but I haven’t received a response Any suggestions on how to retrieve my account or is it just lost in the Glide abyss?

Do you have access to the old email? You can sign in via magic link if so.

If you don’t have access, you will need to send us some proof of ownership and information about the change.

I tried the magic link but it doesn’t send an email to the old email as the old email no longer works.

I have this from my community account that shows both of my emails and my old email still as my primary email.

Originally the first email was for a company my friends and I were trying to make for an amazon store, then we went in a different direction and that email address didn’t make sense for what we were doing so we changed the email to what it currently is.

What other info would you like to know? The account has 2 teams on it, one that was just teams and one that said like bobby. there were a bunch of drafts of apps labeled SBE etc and a couple of travel apps, one is called 40 bags travel companion.

Alright, we’ve invited your new email to the team. Please accept and confirm.

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Got in, thank you so much!!

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