What happened to "soft" background option?

I’m setting up some Pages and would love more options on the background for containers and the button block.

In the Button Block training page it shows the option to set a background (my button block component does not give background as an option at all), but more importantly it shows a “soft” version of the accent color as a background option. My options are Card, Accent, Dark, Highlight, and Image.

Has this feature been removed or is there a way to turn it on?
Thanks in advance

I believe it has been removed since the release of the documentation you were viewing. @JackVaughan can you update this?

Thanks for the reply. I really hope it can still be done. That would really elevate the styling on Pages. I was thinking how great it would be to set a complementary color and not have EVERYTHING in accent color, then spotted that example and thought I’d totally missed where/how to do it.

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Thank you. We are quite behind on docs right now as we are building a totally new documentation site.

This is on the list to update. Sorry for the confusion.

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