What does this mean?

This is an inline list, so, when i click this, it does not show me any details or any component to add, shows this, but other inline lists work just fine.

Never seen something like that, is that still happening to you ? If yes, mind to share a video or screenshot of your data ?

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This happened to me today while working on Staging. The data was well structured and no matter what I did to troubleshoot it, it kept happening.

I really did nothing else since it was on staging but if Iā€™m not mistaken, it has been happening lately.

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Happened to me in production yesterday.


Happened to me in production yesterday and today as well. It happened when I was dragging an image into a thumbnail of an inline list.

Refreshing the page solved the issue.


I had the same problem yesterday!!


Thanks to Robert! Guys, as he says, try refreshing the page!