What does false mean in the relation column?

Hi all,
Can anyone explain why the false word appears in the Relation Column?

Screenshot 2021-11-23 194018

A relation will usually try to show a picture and one of the first key columns in the related table. Do you have a boolean column in your related table?


Thank @Jeff_Hager
Yes, I have some booleans. Maybe you can explain why or when it appeared?

As @Jeff_Hager already told you, it is just a representation of probably the first key column in your related table. Your boolean is set to false for those rows so that is why it showed up. Boolean’s have three values: empty, false, and true. Those that showed up are just set to false. Of course, you will manipulate further with that relation so it being shown in a column doesn’t affect your app at all.


Thanks all


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