Relation Column returns "?" symbols

I renamed some tables and this is happening. Any suggestions?

As long as it’s working, it doesn’t matter what the relation column shows. A relation is a link to a row or series of rows. Not a specific column.


yea, i figured. just don’t want to get any issues down the road. thanks

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The question mark shows up when the data that is related through the relation may not be visible on the table. For example, if you have row owners on your user table, and you have a relation column on another table to look up some value like the user name, you’ll see the question mark on the second table if the row doesn’t also have access to the data on the user table.

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The question mark may also show up if there is a blank column to the right of the column selected for this value: “Relate to items where the value in:” And now that I type that, I’m wondering if the reason for the behavior in my previous comment is because of this one.