What all does GlideApp put on a users device since its not a native app?

Hi can someone here (or a video/article link) talk me through the basics of what a GlideApp does on a users device. Let me explain. In my mind I’ve been assuming that my iPhone (for example) has (a) native apps, (b) browsers that load up web apps and (c) maybe icon links (apologies for thinking like a Windows user) that open a web browser.

I’ve created a Glide app and followed the instructions to put an icon on my iPhone. **When I click that, what exactly is happening? ** Is glide simply tossing me over to my safari app and running a slick version of safari minus the browser/address bar? I notice there is no hint of browser features on the glide/app when I use it on my phone. Or… is there a fourth category of THING on my phone sort of like a quasi app that isn’t quite native but isn’t running inside a browser

Also… just how much of my app data does glide download to the phone (and does it stay there when a user loses cell phone/wifi signal such that they can keep using that data opening/closing the “app” (note the quotes).

Thanks… from a newcomer who likes what he is seeing.

Exactly this is what’s going on, AFAIK.

Your browser is cache-ing some data that Glide loads, so you might be able to see some data when offline, but won’t be able to add anything, for example.


So this isn’t the same as a hybrid app (and its not a native app obviously). Not a criticism; just trying to understand what I’m working with.

By hybrid app I mean something like this video explains here (Native vs Hybride apps - Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps vs Web Apps - What's The Difference? - YouTube

I wonder what the major (just thinking quickly and simply here) differences between a hybrid app and this Glide App would be. Again I like Glide very much; just trying to understand what I’m using in case some more technically minded people start asking me what I’m cooking up here.