Weird data table

Lately, every time I open the “data” tab in an App, I see this data table, but it’s not actually in my list of tables – actually, I was wrong about that. It’s the last table, so because I have so many tables I did not see it right away…

Is there an ‘expert mode’ to turn this off? If it confused me, it’s sure to confuse new users of Glide.

Wow, even worse, it becomes the default table for any new collection added to the screen…

Pretty sure this table was introduced (created) by Glide when I used the “make new App from Data” to create an App out of my Classic App’s data.

So it was a table that was added from your “Classic App”? How do you expect a change that would benefit you in this scenario?

No. It was created by glide out of thin air when I Created the new app. I see no benefit it’s a quirk.

I’m not sure what you mean. Glide created this table for you, not you created it yourself?

Possibly the table was created from this location… Navigation > + > Sample Screens. If you use the plus button to add a new screen for Navigation there are a few sample screens you can add from Glide. (They’re actually pretty cool :sunglasses:)

Those new sample screens come with an underlying table. I can’t be for certain but based on the title of your table “Costs for 2022 (sample)” it sounds like it may be the cause.

Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 8.25.42 PM

No I literally just said create new app from data. I wanted the data for my new project . What you’re saying is pretty nice but that’s not what I did


Pretty sure what you said is mostly correct. When I click the “Dashboard” sample, it brings me this table.

Possibly David tried this function at some point?

No this happened immediately after I created the app from data

I can’t reproduce that at all. Can you try reproducing that with a lightweight app on your end?