Weebhook to open Vcard with Google drive share link

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a vcard sharing system, I would like my users to be able to edit their vcard and share it afterwards. I use Make (Integromat) to automate the process. When my users edit their vcard it is saved in a Goggle drive file. Here is my problem: I would like to get the link from the google drive and put it in a button on the glide to share the card (automatically). Here is my system on Make, but I still can’t get the link.

I hope you can help me !

Your 3rd module (upload a file) should return the FileID of the uploaded file.
You can send that back to Glide. If you’re using a Google Sheet, then you can update the appropriate row in your sheet, otherwise you’ll need to post it back via the Glide API. Your initial webhook will need to include a RowID, so you know which row to update. Once you have it in Glide, you can use a template column to craft a URL. Note that you’ll need to ensure that the file is public.

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Thank you for your answer

indeed, my third step returns the fileID but I don’t know how to send it back to glide.

Your options for sending it back will depend on what your data source is, and which plan you are on.

So, what is your data source, and which plan are you on?

my database comes from glide and for the moment I am in free but it can evolve

Okay, so Glide Tables on a Free Plan.

The best option would be to use the Glide API, but that requires a Pro Plan or above.
On the Free Plan, your only option at the moment would be to add a Google Spreadsheet as a secondary data source. Then you could use the Make GSheets module to write the FileID back into the appropriate row.

As I mentioned earlier, you would need to send a RowID with your Webhook, so you can use that to search for the correct row to update.

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Thank you for your answer I will try !!

Well, I tried but when I want to retrieve the Row ID, Make does not allow me to retrieve it. An error is displayed telling me that "the collection can’t be converted to text for parameter “0"”. In other words it only accepts letters… Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

In fact it returns "[collection] instead of my row id

Can you show me how your webhook is configured?

Of course !

Okay, that looks fine.

Actually, I think the problem is the way that you are selecting the RowID in Make.

You should select Params → Row ID → Value

Looks like you might be selecting Params → Row ID

That’s it! Thanks a lot.

Now do you know how can I link the information directly into my user database? Because with Google sheet I can’t do user specific column

You need a column in the Google Sheet (either user email address or UserID (RowID)) that you can use to create a relation to your Users table.

I’m not very familiar with the relation column but i’ll try. Thank a lot for your help !

I have created a relationship column with row id but when I want to put the link in a button, glide does not offer me my column. I know I can allow my users to open the link with a relation list but would it be possible to do it with a button?

Make sure your relation is a single relation, and then you can use a lookup column to fetch the link from the other table (via the relation column).

Thank you I did not know the collone research. Everything works perfectly, thank you very much!

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