Webview - URL not allowed?

Is there a switch on my server that allows embedding in Glide’s webview ? I have a domain pointed to a Zendesk support website URL. Are the permissions on my server? - or are they on the Zendesk host ? error occurs on my. https://support.span.io/

Are you using Apps or Pages? I believe that webview is only currently available for apps.

I’m using this on an app. have used glide’s webview on other URLs. This server of mine seems problematic.

I don’t see any errors when visiting your site. I’m using Chrome on a PC. Also tried Chrome on an Android device. No errors shown.

yes - so if I go into a similar CodLab Test - and enter my server - it is the same error I’m getting when trying to embed my site into my GlideApp as a webview. See here https://www.tutorialrepublic.com/codelab.php?topic=html&file=iframe