Web Embed - the Content is Blocked?

I am trying to display a web page within my app: Here is the link:


but getting the following error:

It is a sport demo page, why Glide blocks it? Is there any other alternative here?

It’s not Glide that’s blocking it, it is GitHub that does not allow content to be iFrame embedded.


I moved it to my local web server on Mac, pasted it into local file system and embedded the page:


Still the same

Localhost is not accessible outside of your local machine, so it’s most likely not going to work. You would need an external IP or DNS address to to that server. There’s also a slight chance that your server may be configured to not allow embedding as well.

I checked and the local host is accessible, it is on the same machine where my glide builder is.

localhost:8888/examples/tennis-draw/index.html opens OK from the browser

You seem unconvinced :slight_smile:

Try this:

  • Got to https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_iframe
  • Replace the default URL in the iFrame source with your GitHub URL
  • Click Run
  • Observe what happens (or doesn’t)

I also think there’s the case that you cannot view unsecure HTTP content within a secure HTTPS environment.


ah yes, of course. I missed that.

@Darko_Vukoje if you change your link to HTTPS instead of HTTP, I suspect you might find that it works.

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OK guys you convinced me, but what is the solution here?

How I can get rid of this constraint and embed the page into glide?

It’s not something you have control of. Either it works or it doesn’t. External website owners, and browser and web security standards dictate what can and cannot be embedded. It’s not a switch you can control. It either works or it doesn’t. :man_shrugging:

But as @Darren_Murphy pointed out, did you try using HTTPS?

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I think @Darren_Murphy nailed it.

Try the iFrame embed with https:// and see if that does the trick.

Based on what Darren shared, I assume it will. :eyes:


One of the reasons that I use Vimeo is so that as a content owner, I can specify that my videos can be embedded on websites that I specify (mine) while blocking other sites from embedding on theirs. I like using webview in Glide but often run across sites that are blocking me from doing the same, so it could well be controlled by the site owner. If there is a workaround, would love to learn more about it.


Many thanks!

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