Web Embed not working?

Hi all - new to glide and learning a lot from this community! I have one of my navigation screens set to a web embed, and I’m getting the error code “site refused to connect.” We use an external membership site and my hope was to embed the sign up form… any ideas why this might be happening? For reference, the external membership sign up form we are trying to embed is from Thinkific

That error means that the site you are trying to embed does not allow itself to be embedded.

Ok. Major bummer… Is there any way around this at all? Some sort of creative loophole?

Looks like you might be out of luck, I’m afraid :man_shrugging:

Thank you for this… it’s interesting because the thinkific sites are working in other components of glide?

Can you specify what components is it working on?

There was an issue today with some Amazon servers being down, it may have affected the site that you were trying to embed. I would give it another try tomorrow just in case

yes, this is thinkific link that seems to be showing up fine with the web embed… looks like sometimes they are working and sometimes they aren’t…?

I saw that… really hoping that’s the issue!

Thank you for this… since I’m very new to this and much of the technical stuff is over my head, should I assume that glide requires iframing to work?

Yes, that’s correct. A Glide web embed is technically an iFrame, and many web sites do not allow themselves to be embedded in iFrames.

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I am doing a web embed for payment gateway. It is working well. However, when the transaction completes, there is a URL redirect to Glideapp. This is when I get “refused to connect” from Glideapp … Is there a way to overcome this?