Webview (iframe) with geolocation

You’ve to open Master page of credentials. Search term credentials and then you’ll see create key.

Thanks for sharing this man!

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I sent email to support to try add allow=“geolocation”

I made that component with real time geolocation and I want to use my own component but if I couldn’t, I will use your solution.

Thank you!

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The support team response to me, soon they will include allow=“geolocation” tag in iframes @Purvang_Joshi your iframe with Google Maps could receive the real time location soon :slight_smile:


That’s great :blush::grinning:

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Hey Bob - did you find a way to run a look up ‘autocomplete verified address from a portion’?

Kind of:

Thinh, do you think this map option could potentially work instead?

I don’t think so. I might not get the full picture here but not sure how you view the details of a location in Glide when you embed this.

hmm, like you don’t think I would be able to click on the pins on the map and view the profiles of those businesses if I’m viewing in google maps?

I have read briefly, but still don’t understand: does it possible to user touch some point on the map and Glide App have to obtain geo or address of this point?

I’m not aware of any way to do that. At least, not with the integrated map in glide. The only way to acquire and save a location from a user is for them to use the location component or type in an address or coordinates. Maybe it would be possible with a webview of a website that has a map that allows that, but that embedded website would also need to be able to write the coordinates back to the table that is used in glide, whether that’s using an API or a website that integrates with the google sheet or something like that.

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I constantly run into some simple function that linear programmers do, but it is extremely difficult to implement in a glide. Customers are wondering why such a seemingly simple function baffles me.
A simple and intuitive creation process - yes! Fast -yes, very, very fast! But there are always such dead ends…
Despite this, and largely thanks to such a responsive community, solutions are often found and this helps us move on! Thank you, Jeff!

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You can only view what’s presented in Google Maps. I mean it’s better if you use a Glide map and be able to view the details in Glide of that location, which you have full design control over.