Website synchronised with DataEditor?

Hi, for Computer users, in order to have a better UX than the ‘Full Screen’ option, I’m wondering how to synchronise my data from the DataEditor (User specific, calculations…) with a complementary website displaying my Glide webapp’s content.
Do you have any tips?
Thanks in avance

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I am hoping when glide makes its native database it will give us an option for upgrading to complimentary website as well.

I am willing to pay extra for this feature in addition to the PRO upgrade.

Interesting; I was thinking that it should be part of the free offering given that it increases the ability for Glide to be visible (like Wix).
We’ll see!


I think it should be as simple as adding an HTML plugin to a Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, and paste a “” kind of link so it automatically loads as such.

If you open your app on desktop/tablet, if that feature is enabled in your app, you can click a button that says “fullscreen,” Glide just needs to allow this view to be automatically enabled into an HTML format. That’s all… I wonder if it can be implemented soon.

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