Webhook Filesize limit

Hi all, hope someone can help, I’ve built an APP that helps people post to social platforms, I’m using Zapier and now Glide has moved to webhooks, (from a custom setup) there seems to be an issue with Zapier only being able to handle 10mg files on a push via a webhook. I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on a workaround for this? Thanks so much in advance, Laz

Have you tried using Make.com? I’m not sure how the limits on the two compare.

Hi @ThinhDinh I do use Make but Zapier is the only one with a connection to a program called Metricool that is connected in the process so, I actually like Make.com better but it’s not really an option unless I might combine the tw

Does Metricool offer an API? That might be the next best option.

@ThinhDinh Yeah, I’ll head down that rabbit hole next haha, I’ve only really started to come to grips with API’s. I went to try and find, but Off the top of your head, have you heard of a load limit in Make, I’m thinking for video posts, I could go directly to the platforms but the only documentation on limits I could find was 30 calls a second

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Here’s what I found.

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@ThinhDinh Thank you so much, that is great, I really really appreciate your help and guidance, you have saved me a ton of time and got me back on track :slight_smile:

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