Web App incredibly slow

My web app is loading very slow (even the main screen where users are not logged in).

It seems to have to do with the Javascript columns if I understand it correctly. But why would this file be so big and slow to load? What can I do about it?

Main culprit seems to be this file:

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I’m not so well-versed in this, but do you have a lot of JS columns in your database?

I don’t know if “runtime-main” would be related to a JS column or not, or is it an internal Glide function.

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I just published a blank app and tested the speed and got the same result. So this has nothing to do with database, data, columns etc. but rather with the way Glide loads.

This is quite concerning for a webapp to be loading this slow.

@Darren_Murphy any ideas? Anyone from Glide we can loop in to explain?

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Sorry, this one is above my pay grade.
Do you have a Glide subscription that’s entitled to support? (Pro or above).
If yes, then my advice would be to submit a ticket.

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy I’ve logged a ticket. This is the performance on Desktop of a blank app


Cool. I’ll be curious to learn what the outcome is.