Waze Link

I integrated a link to Waze.
I am part of this document https://developers.google.com/waze/deeplinks?hl=fr#lancer-la-navigation-vers-un-lieu
(well it’s in French but you will find the equivalent in English !!)
I made two small demo videos (one under editor, the other on the full screen application).
On an Android the Waze application opens directly :slight_smile:
On a Windows Full Screen an html page opens.

For those who are wondering how I changed the image of the Link component to a Waze icon. I used HTML (yes I know the Glide’s will not be happy) but maybe one day we can replace the image with one of our choice …

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I think an inline list with an image and an open link action will achieve the same thing as your HTML workaround.

Yes but here is the result with a list and a link action.
It’s good, but it’s not what I was looking for

Waze List

Try adding a blank template column with a character from here. Then use it as one of the fields, I think it will get rid of the link image.


I read that HTML will no longer be supported by Glide one day or another. But it wouldn’t be easier to have an option to change the link image to a personalize image (waze, twitter, facebook or other)
I think a few designers would be interested.

I agree, as I have had to make this workaround for a few apps but as of now we don’t have that.

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