Want to create Healthcare App

i want to create Healthcare App using the glide platform. i want to create two set of user role. one is patient and another is doctor. i want each patient can login to App see their own profile and submitted data. whereas i want doctor to see All patient data and edit their data also add new data on behalf of patient. is this is possible to do it can anybody guide me with the process. i have been using the caspio platform and its give record level security and also tutorial to create the patient portal and doctor portal but did not see such tutorial in glide

Before going anywhere with this, I would advise you to review the below document, as you might find that your intended use is a violation of Glide’s terms of use.

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i have checked the document i just want to know if it is possible to achive it not

Yes, it’s possible.
You would use email addresses as Row Owners (Patients), and Roles as Row Owners (Doctors) to secure the data.