Visibility Glitch on Glide Pages when showing last group of list items

There is a slight glitch here, scroll down to the next 20 list items.
When you click to show next 20 groups, then scroll to the top, the button for show 20 previous groups is hidden under the choices component/container. See below.

Can you give us the link to the app so we can try to reproduce it ourselves?

What does that “Show 20 previous groups” button do, is it setting a value to the database? If it’s just for pagination, I assume you can just use the native pagination.

It’s on the List Tab

It’s the pages automatic page grouping when the list gets too long.
Scroll to the bottom and click on Show 20 More Groups. Click it until you get to the end of the list, then scroll to the top, you’ll see the top of that container/collection is not displaying correctly.

Could you open a support case so we can look into this more closely?


Did that already👍 Was just checking if they made any progress, not sure who to ask specifically.