Getting rid of show 20 more groups

Is there a way we can get rid of the show 20 more group?

We have a list of order items grouped by item name. Show 20 more groups makes it very difficult to browse through these items. In the classic app, we could have them all in 1 screen and just scroll down.

any suggestions?


I were you, I leave and use this feature more !! :muscle:

The collection is trying to paging your data, which means your data is being downloaded and displayed on demand and therefore your app runs faster.

Instead of loading and displaying 550 items (groups), for example, the collection is breaking all of this into small groups (maybe 15, 20, or 30) speeding up your screen display.
You can improve the UX working with its In-App Filter.


Hola bro
Thank you for your advise. We tried, but we can’t use it. It slows down our operation too much. It is one of the major reasons I can’t put part of our operations team on a new glide app rather than a classic app.

I understand it improve the performance, but we can already tackle that using other ways.

Literally its for someone going around a supermarket to pickup up order items, lets say 1000. Having them on several sheets of paper in your pocket makes it very annoying to tick them up every time you pick

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