Visability on Big Numbers

Hey, is there any chance to change the visibility conditions for different big numbers?

I was able to change it for every big number field, but only when i create a complete new big number item instead of adding the items inside the big number item. But now they are stacked one below another and there is a big white space besides them, which i cant use for anything. When i put them in 2 column container, they shrink again 50% which looks even worse.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

As you have found out, the visibility conditions only applied on a component level, not on the item level of big numbers. How much visibility condition do you want to apply here and what’s the use case?

The Big Numbers here are percentages which are calculated with the info the user gives in the screen before. If the user gives only information to calculate 2 big numbers, the other 2 will still be there, but without a number. Would be nice if i they do not show up. As i said, i was able to reach this goal with single big numbers elements, but this does not look very attractive, because they only take 50% of the width all the time, even if i put them in a container.

I just did a quick test by adding a Big Numbers component with 3 items. One with a value, and two empty. Only the one containing a value appears on the screen:

Are you sure the extra items are actually empty?
You could try adding an if-then-else column for each item:

  • If Item is not empty, then Item

And then point your Big Numbers component at the if-then-else columns.

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