🪙 Virtual Coin for google sheets


Vcoin is a virtual currency for google spreadsheets.

Perfect for multiple apps, where you need payments, rewards, games chips, or transfers… just one web app will serve all your apps and set payment confirmation in a selected spreadsheet.

No transactions fees, no subscription… no webhooks, Zapiers, Integromat…

To test this template… first, create an item for sale, 2 buttons will pop up…

Click the Pay Now! button, which will open a checkout web view. click crate account, enter your name, email address, and submit.

You will receive an email with a password, copy it, and paste it to the login field. Click submit.

1,000.00 Vcoins will be added to your account for testing, now you can click the Pay button to complete the transaction. Sheet with transactions will be updated…

when you click the copy link to this payment button, you can send the link to this payment via email or messenger.

This is how it works:

  1. try this template, and if you like it…

  2. click copy this app button

  3. open Google Sheets

  4. In the Vcoin sheet, in column toEmail, change my email to your email, and in the Transactions sheet, column sheet URL change URL to your sheet URL.

  5. share this sheet with my email (this will work as a webhook to send a payment confirmation to your sheet)

after testing, please send me feedback… tnx!


I just tried testing the App and got stuck when trying to create account. It says the email address is invalid. I know the email is valid because it is used daily…

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i just checked and it went through… can you try again? maibe you added empty space at the end?

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I just tested it again and I must say, you have my attention…I knew you had skills but not Kung Fu…Your Kung Fu is strong…

Just a few questions…
The webhook as your email, that poses no risk right? Since this is only Virtual currency and not real money…

Is it possible to use another email address as a webhook?

This looks very useful. I might have a use case for it.

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Thank you. No there is no danger. This is a testing version, in a real application, you will be using your own script and share sheets with your own account, which means using your own email to sync applications, and if your customers trust you, they can share with you, so you can handle their accounts the way you need it… or they can share only sheet with transactions and a special script that is hosted on their own account, will copy transaction to their main app, so they don’t need to share the whole app with you.

The use cases for Vcoin:

  1. only one app is handling all your applications… no more creating separate codes for each app, simply compose links using template column or even manually using email or messenger or text message…
  2. there are no fees because it is a virtual currency (the only fees you pay is when users add or cash out virtual coins)
  3. create loyalty and promotion programs to reward users, add coins to their Vcoin account…
  4. free transfer of coins between accounts.
  5. users can buy coins using checks or cash, simply add manually coins when you receive funds.
  6. Add as many payment options as you want…
  7. No limits of rows… is not a Glide app… is a Google Web App… millions of rows… and if you cross google limit, simply connect another spreadsheet or archive old records.
  8. super fast interface, I tested with 200,000 rows and almost no deference
  9. works with any App or Website or simply by sharing a link.
  10. it doesn’t take your rows in Glide, because all users’ Infos and transactions are in different spreadsheet which is not connected to Glide which also makes your data secure.
  11. when updating a payment page code, it will update all your apps and websites… so no more changing all your apps every time you fix something in the checkout screen. just use the import range of the new deployed link, or when you stay connected to my sheet it will be updated by itself, as long as you wont change columns arangment

service is growing bigger! :wink:
Almost 2,000 lines of code!

and how about I can give you a much better deal than Stripe…PayPal… Glide… and much easier integration with Google Sheets than Zapier… Integromat…?

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is it copyable?

yes, it is a testing template, still under construction

Can you provide the link, please?

type or paste code here

Link is on the top, it is a copyable app