Viewing as selects all viewers

When I change the viewing as account user, it selects all the users. Why is it doing this it did not use to do this.

That’s odd. If you reload your browser does the issue persist?

I updated my browser and opened up a different browser.

I’ll try restarting my computer

Restarting the computer did not work lol.

Okay. Are you actually able to switch to different users, or is it stuck on David D?

Not sure that I can help you resolve this one, it might require a support ticket. Which Glide subscription level are you on?

I can only switch to David D. On the base subscription for now.

How do I open a ticket?

Found the issue, for testing purposes I made all the users emails the same thus selecting all the accounts.

hehe, okay… that would do it :slight_smile:

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