Video Workaround? Time Based Action Triggers?

  • Videos: Is there a limit to videos that are uploaded directly to glide? Seems like 5 minutes.

    • Whats your recommended work around using 3rd party service to upload and embed videos in app?
  • ** Time based Triggering Actions**

    • My understanding is there’s no way to trigger time based notifications in glide natively. For example, triggering an action once every 24 hours at 6PM EST or triggering if the time in a certain calculation reaches lets say 10 hours. Is there a recommended work around? I’m seeing some use of zapier and webhooks, but wanted to check if I’m not missing anything that’s built in

You’re not missing anything that’s built in, but the team is working super hard on it. There’s no ETA on a beta public launch though.

There is a team-level storage limit tied to your pricing plan, but I’m not sure about a single file limit. I remember some years ago, that limit was 1GB, but not sure now. @NoCodeAndy may know better.

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