Time based actions

What options are there for triggering events without user actions? I can’t find a mechanism to do this.

A simple use-case would be a task app that triggers a slack/email when the task is overdue.

It seems such a feature will be available in the upcoming weeks or months.

For now though, actions are triggered by a user.

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Scheduled/Time based actions are in the works. We don’t know exactly when, but I suspect they aren’t too far away. For now, your only option is to use something external to Glide.


ah, that is annoying. Good to hear that they are in the works though. It unlocks so much.
I’ll probably ignore it for now and hope it makes it to release by the time it becomes an issue! Plenty of other challenges to focus on.


Still waiting anxiously for this feature! :slight_smile:

No ETA, but the team is working super hard on that.

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