Video performance very slow


We have a screen that displays 7 videos. Unfortunately, this makes our app extremely slow. Sometimes we have to wait 20 seconds to navigate between screens or every time we hit “Back”.
The more we navigate to and from screens the slower it gets. To the point, that app is almost unusable and we have to kill it and open it again.

For test purposes, I started to remove video references from that screen and the app started to work really fast again.

Unfortunately, we can’t hide those videos(we need previews, video thumbnail and the ability to play the video)
Is there any way we can make the app work faster while still keeping 7 video components on one screen?

A possible solution would be to create static image thumbnails for the listings view and then when the user clicks it will load a details screen showing the video embed.


Are these YouTube videos, using our Video component?


Another possible solution would be to use this Glide plugin to generate a thumbnail of the video in your list screen:

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These are video files uploaded by File Picker.

Thanks, everyone for your suggestions.

We figured that we don’t have to show a video thumbnail and used the Button component instead.

Button component has an action set to “Open Link” with a URL set to the video.
What is very important is to choose “Web View” instead of “Browser” as a target.

With “Browser” set us a target Glide would often crash while playing the video. The same would happen if we just used Link component

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Glad to hear you got it sorted.

Why not create some screenshots with a play button overlay, might look more visually appealing than a plain ol’ button?

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Great suggestion. Thanks. We will think about it :slight_smile: