Vehicle Battery Finder

Hi Community, I am totally new to this with less then 48hours.

I am trying to create an APP that allows you to find the vehicle battery for your car and then give you details of that battery.

I have 2 main sheets :

  1. a battery table that lists the Battery_Model and then then all the other info (weight, size, plates, amp hours, etc…)
  2. a vehicle sheet that has vehicle_make, vehicle_model, Battery_Model

I want the user to tell me their make and model of vehicle, so I can then tell them the Battery_Model. I understand I can create a relation column on Battery_Model, BUT, how to select the row in the vehicle sheet based on 2 column search criteria/parameters ?

I assume you’re letting users write their info into another table. Let’s call that “Users’ vehicles”.

In your “Vehicles” sheet, you can create a template column to join your make and model into one. Let’s say something like Car A - Model A.

Then create the same template column in your “Users’ vehicles” sheet, link the two using a relation (from Users’ vehicles to Vehicles).

Then use a lookup to return the Battery_Model column to your “User’s vehicles” sheet.

That should be enough if all you want is to display the battery model. If you want more info then create a relation to the Battery table.

WOW… the support/community is fantastic… look forward to contributing soon.

users write into another table → yes and no. where a user creates his profile and add his vehicle into the app then yes I am writing that data into a sheet and then automatically pull in the battery using (choice buttons to help me drill down). However, I wanted to give the user the ability to just search for a battery without having to write/record data e.g he was just doing a temp search for a battery for a friends vehicle (I can just create a temp sheet if I have to write to sheet)

I actually did try to to do a concatenate (CellA, CellB) and then use that as relation, but I thought there may be a better way as I hit an issue. The (=concatenate A,B) formula for CAR-MODEL column needs to be added into every cell, so I pasted this in all the empty cells for rows that will be populated in the future. The GlideAPP must have picked up an entry in the cell and populated my lists with blank elements and then complaining that I had reached my limit.


To concatenate 2 or more cells and apply it to all rows, you can use a Template Column.


We would advise you to bring as many thing as possible to Glide to enhance your app’s performance. If you do some calculation inside the Sheet opposed to Glide, there will be a delay time for that to sync back.

However if you absolutely need to have the data in the Sheet for other purposes, here’s my tutorial for using arrayformula to apply formulas to all rows.


Awesome… I was over complicating it, thanks Santiago… I have changed and cleaned up many things
Thanks @ThinhDihn I read your post, for now I will take your advice and try to move everything into Glide, but the arrayformula will assist me in other outside work so once again Thanks.

My initial issue still remains, but I feel I am very close.

  1. I created a “Find Battery” Tab and Sheet. I added two choice buttons Vehicle MAKE and Vehicle MODEL (then used the template to create my MAKE-MODEL columns in both my “Find Battery” sheet and Vehicle sheet. Created the relationship between the two.
  2. Created a Lookup sheet to pull in the correct battery or batteries (I have this in my Glide Sheet)

I just can’t figure out how to display it in my app, what component do I use to access the lookup column I just created ?

Lots of choices: Text, Action Text, Rich Text, Hint, Basic Table, plus a few more.

Edit: Actually, I just re-read what you wrote. If your relation is a multi-relation (and it sounds like it is), then you don’t really need a lookup column at all. Just display the relation using an Inline List component. The default action with an Inline List is Show Details Screen, so when you tap on each battery in the list, you’ll get the details of that battery.

I tried those, but it is not letting me access the lookup column

The Veh_Make-Model is a template column.

I want to access the lookup column

  1. The user selects MAKE and MODEL from choice drop down
  2. I use template to create a new column “MAKE-MODEL”,
  3. I use the column in 2. to create a relation with my vehicle sheet which is linked to battery sheet
  4. I use lookup to access the battery sheet using the rel column and pull in the batteryModel I need

I need to display that batteryModel to the user and let them look at the details.

Your relation needs to be single, not multiple, to be able to used for displaying purposes. You can’t display an array.

Once again thanks.

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