Variables for BOTH sides of IF

Want to compare two variables using two columns…
For now cannot use for the right side of the equation (marked Enter Value)


I’d like to see this for filters and visibility too.


Could you tell us what your specific use case is?

I have a use case that I ran into today. I was trying to set up 2 choice components…one that affects the other. For example I have a list of dates. In the first choice component you can select a date. The second choice component is sourced from a sheet that contains dates and a list of times repeated for each date. This is for a reservation type of system. What I was hoping to accomplish, was to take the selected value from the first choice component and use it in a filter on the second component, so only the times show in the second choice component where the date matches the date in the first choice component. Filters, Visibility, and If-Then-Else only let you compare to static values instead of comparing two columns in a sheet.

I ultimately changed the flow to have the first choice component build an inline list using a relation. I also just now built a choice component off of that same relation, so that seems to work, but the reserve button is suppose to hide when the second choice component is empty. Doesn’t seem to update the visibility when returning from a form submission. Also, I don’t think I could use a relation to control a second choice component when I’m in Add/Edit mode, so I had to do this in View mode, whereas I think being able to select a column value from the screen and comparing it to the choice list would help here instead of only being able to compare the choice list to a static value inside the filter.

You can check it out here:


Yes!!! Please! @Mark this is what I was referencing in my post here: Sort, Filter & Visibility, Progress Bar, etc. Reference Criteria

Likewise, allowing for global variables that you could define (and manipulate) in one sheet and then reference in other sheets would be AMAZING. Please and thank you!


Another example: in my spreadsheet, for each item (on a separate row) I have a concatenated list of users in a column called “Eligible” that are allowed to see the item in the app. I would love the ability to have an inline list filtered by this variable on the OTHER side of the IF statement—Show if [Eligible] contains [user].

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Rather than a concatenated list of emails, you can use a relation column and lookup column to get an array of emails. This allows you to create a filter by signed in user against the lookup column. It’s much cleaner than building a concatenated list in the sheet itself.

Hm. I’m more of a visual learner (reading is hard :upside_down_face:)…can you provide an example?

Glad to. I’ve been meaning to do that for another post, but I’m not always sitting in front of my computer or I don’t have enough free time to get my head in that mode. If you have a small sample spreadsheet with how you are building the concatenated emails, I can make a copy and whip together a sample app pretty quick. It’s just easier for me when I don’t have to make up a scenario with sample data that may or may not work for you.

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I guess you have this figured out now. :wink:

I’m getting warmer, but still want to be able to compare on both sides of IF like your original post.

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