UUID - unique value ... BUT without characters that screw up other things

Hi - I am trying to create video rooms automatically using the row ID…

BUT in daily.co (I am testing this now as my emergency video option) they do NOT ACCEPT things like full stops ‘.’ and other weird characters.

There is enough randomness already… so could Glide update the UUID generator to exclude these if possible?

Thanks! M

You could try to use replace text for the time being

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ah… the plugin for replace text…

you get the row ID… good!
you have your plug in to replace . with X… ok…
you click… and what do you get?

a whole row of XXXXs…

but how???

Not very happy - can you just get rid of the dot, please, @Mark :wink:

Why not just use a template column instead of a plugin and replace special characters there?


What Jeff said :arrow_up:

But, just for future reference, a period is regular expression wildcard, which means “match any character”.

If you want to replace a literal period, you need to escape it…


How would this work…

  1. I have the row ID ----- ok…
  2. I make a template column… which does … nothing
    – because I need to read in the value of the row ID… then I need to replace the . with something else
    — I cannot do these two steps in a template column

There is a Glide solution (which I then make into integromat)

  • row ID - ok
  • split rowID with dot as separator
  • single value - first - from the split
    and use that sv-value for my ‘room name’

That works :slight_smile:

yeah you can…






I learn another trick :slight_smile: :slight_smile: thanks @Darren_Murphy and @Jeff_Hager !


Wow that behavior with . is very weird.

I did not realize we were using a Regex there (glide-code-columns/replace-all.ts at master · glideapps/glide-code-columns · GitHub) – we should not be.