Row Id Regex


I want to add the Row ID feature in my sheet.
Row are not built using glide, but built by another home maid external tool.
So I need to build Row ID myself.

I have 2 questions :

  1. What is the regex that validates Row ID generated by Glide app ?
    It looks to be ^[-.0-9a-zA-Z]{22,23}$ can you confirm ?

  2. Should my own generated id match the same regex ?
    Should my own generated id should match something ?

Thank you

One question for you, why do you want to have your own rowID? You can just import your data from your tool, then have the rowID made by Glide.

You are right, i can.
But i dislike this option, it would be better for me to have only one id that can be used for all.

So you mean a type of ID that would fit your other systems as well?

It can be anything you want, it does not have to match the same regex as Glide, but if you want user-specific columns you would still have to add a Glide rowID.

Thank you for your help !

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