Rowid with slash - can that be avoided

I’m trying to use rowid as part of a filename - but I run into troubles as the rowid can include slash (i didn’t know that was possible in an unique identifier)

I had a rowid like IAQB91waTCWeHy/ECMopag

Is is correct that a slash should be able to occur in a unique identifier?

If a slash can be expected and I want to use an unique identifier for a file name - what should I do to avoid the slashes?

Hi @Krivo! I’m not answering you’re question (because I have no idea) but asking a question of my own: what are you working on? It sounds interesting.

@nathanaelb working on trying to go to bed ! Well, trying to upload directly to Cloudinary from within Glide which is possible but a bit cumbersome. Expecially when you have do do javascript on a webpage and I don’t know how to do it. But I can do some copying - and seems to work :slight_smile:

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@Krivo it seems like you won’t be getting to bed early tonight, it’s already 1:30 AM!

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Didn’t know about the slash thing as well. How about making an ARRAYFORMULA with SUBSTITUTION to change all slashes to question marks?

@ThinhDinh well, might need to. But is that normal that an UUID can include slash? Or are Glide doing something strange?

Whether they have slashes or not depends on Glide’s setup of allowed characters, I don’t think they anticipated this case.

@mark Is it intentionally that you in unique identifiers use slash / (seen in RowId)? You also use other special characters.

I causes me problems as I use the RowId as a name for a file placed in Cloudinary

Would it be possible that you would change this so slash will not occur in the future for RowId?

Of course you cannot remove it all together as some people already depend on the RowId - but could be nice for future work if such special characters were not present.

We can do that.


@mark I have also had problems with + (plus sign) as well as Cloudinary will not accept such character when uploading files. I have been using webview for that.

Any idea when such a change will come through?

New Row IDs should not have slashes or plusses in them. When did you see a new row ID that had them?

@mark ok. Everything ok.
My mistake. I haven’t created a new row in the problematic app since I reported it. And you would not change the rowid back in time (which is of course totally correct) - therefore the + sign is still there.

I’m curious about how the ROW_ID is created. I’d like my sheet to be maintainable from the normal Sheets UI, but would then need to add a value for the ROW_ID for which I’m planning to use the built in


This gives a value in the format a9a3d01c-1866-4379-a68d-943ab6ee8205 which is uniform presentation used in Java / Python etc with a 8-4-4-4-12 representation regardless of the UUID version.

Would also sort @Krivo 's issue with file naming.

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