Using QR codes to log in

Hi- novice user, beware!
I would like to make an attendance app for our social enterprise. Looks simple of the website. However as many of our attendees have a variety of disabilities, some of which are physical, I would like them to be able to log in using a QR code which they’d scan in using the phone’s camera.
Is this possible using the basic glide template?

As far as I know glide don’t support barcode scanning at the moment.
I’ve asked them as I need this ability as well within the app.
If you do figure out a way to do this I’d love to know


Thank you

Found a free app that already does it. Job done. Thanks

Can you share?


There were a couple I found, both offering slightly different functionality; QR attendance Control and SAM - Scan Attendance Manager. The latter doesn’t offer CSV export but the former does.

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So you scan the QR? How to get it to open the app instead of the pin?

It doesn’t open the app. You have the app open, then request a scan. Scan the QR code which you’ve created using a QRcode generator.
The apps are quite self explanatory.
If it is for less than 10 people then TimeStation is very good but we needed it for more people.

By using glide ?? send me link

This what I’m also trying to understand :smile:

If you read the other replies you would see that I found other freely available apps. Names above.

From reading the posts, I think the confusion is over how to invoke the free apps to do the QRcode scan and return results to a Glide field.

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