Using Pseudo without Email Signed In

Hello there,

I need to build a public app (so without using email for sign-in) that ask to user to choose a pseudo before to start using it.

When the user choose a pseudo, he’s noticed that this pseudo is already used or not (by using a relation). If it’s not used, a form button let the user to open en form to complete some questions linked to his pseudo (by using visibility condition on this relation).So far, i have found how to manage this workflow.

It becomes more difficult and complicated once the user could submit the form : once submitted, the form goes back to the previous screen but i could have not found how to know if the user come from the form with a new pseudo or if the user is trying to find a pseudo available.
I spent the last few days to find a workaround , but with no success so far.

Has anybody an idea to know if the user come from the form or not to get visibile or not some components ?

Thanks in advance for your help


Can you try the method of having a combination of pseudo & password writing to user-specific columns?

So there will be 3 cases:

  • If pseudo does not exist then show the form to submit it to a sheet. When the form submission is completed, their combination of pseudo & password should be enough for you to consider that a “logged in” user.

  • If pseudo exist but password does not match, then don’t show the form to submit a new account, tell them either the pseudo has been taken or the password is wrong.

  • If pseudo and password combination match right from the entry then show content.

Does it make sense for your case?

Nice idea, but my client would like any constraint : so no email for sign-in and no password.

But it seems nice to implement it, i will try :wink:

Thx @ThinhDinh

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Let me know if I can help more, the password would serve as just one extra layer, it can be anything depends on your case :wink:

I wanted to do something like that for so long but didn’t have the time so it would be nice if you can verify it works.