Using an image on home screen for navigation

I have an app/website where I would like the navigation to be images on the home screen, with the nav bar/tabs hidden. Is this possible? I have tried a few things, including making a new data set that is the images and tried linking them to the pages they should point to but it did not work. The screen shot shows the images, but it also includes the nav bar at the top that I want to hide.

There are a few ways to do this.

  • You could use a 4 column container, add an image in each column, and then configure an appropriate action on each image.
  • Alternatively, you could arrange your images in a single column in the Data Editor, with one image per row, then use a collection with a custom item click action.

Your existing tabs can be hidden from the navigation bar under tab options.

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Thank you for your response. I cannot determine how to differentiate between the buttons. I can them to link to a tab, but they all link to the same tab?

Which type of component are you using?

Right now, a container. I do no know how to choose the 4 column container you mentioned in your first response.

OK, I have a 4 column container with individual links. Now my issue is that they are stacked on top or each other and I would like them to be shown as in the original photo, is that possible?
Also, when I turn off the visibility of the tabs, the functionality of the links goes way?
I am unsure where most people will view my app.

It depends on the viewport setting. Containers will automatically stack in mobile view, and unfortunately there is no way to change that behaviour.

You should see 4 side by side in desktop view, however.

Is your App going to be used more on mobile, or desktop?

I have it in 4 columns, one photo per column and they link to the right places. I guess I will take this for now unless there is a way to hide the top nav bar on the home screen?

Go through your tabs one by one, and look in the Tab Options on the right hand side. You will see an option to hide them from the navigation bar.

Perfect, my goals are accomplished!!! Thank you for your support.


I did something similar on

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using a Container, Images, Separators and Buttons.