Link on images

i have make a reply whit my solutions

I have now tried googling my way to how I can make links to pictures.

I have a table that I call buttons. and there I have made 3 buttons each with their own picture.
I then bring up those pictures on my home screen.

Image 1= see products
Image2= see your added products.
Picture 3= see our products.

But I can’t get it to make a link to the different ones. If I change it on one picture, it will be the same on all of them.
I have tried several solutions and I simply cannot see how to do it. even looked at deeplink too, but found out that wasn’t what deeplink was meant for. :frowning:

I have also tried to create a deep link where the app is not published and take that link into the database next to the rewarding image in the table where I created a pendant with a link and selected type as url.

Is there a smart solution or a workaround to be able to do that.?
Hope someone can guide me a bit.

Sorry I ask so many questions.
But unfortunately I don’t know the expressions that the individual functions mean. English is not my best language unfortunately. so apologies in advance, coming from Denmark

Solutions its here:

I had a database with all my products. and then I could see when I then entered, it would probably be smart to divide it into categories.
So I made a bit of a table with categories and when I had made them.

Then it occurred to me that I could use the categories on my home screen and use them as buttons for different products and screens I want to show.

Sometimes you just have to mess around and suddenly a light comes on.
but it’s amazing that I didn’t think of it before. when you consider that when I web-developed various forum sites and the like that it didn’t strike me at all that I could use the same building principle.

Sorry again for just have my head where the sun never shines. :smiley:

Creating a collection of your categories on your home screen, and then adding a collection of the items on the detail screen of a category is one way to do it.

Also, you can add navigation actions on an image component:

I thought I tried that too, and it didn’t work either, maybe I did it wrong…
But it shouldn’t open a link, it should open a screen in the app. and I have not found the solution other than that with categories

see not work

Remove the ‘open link’ action and keep ‘Go to tab’.

Still not work

now i got it, have to doit in layout
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so just have to make my table like this

i have make it like this

if i make the table like picture 1 so can i make a table in sreen. i think i have the solutions now…

Thanks for your time and help :smiley:

but i want do have its look like this

and on this picture where look my table like this

i just hope if i make it on one line and make a table i could doit… but cant