Using AI to define a list of potential matches from another table?

Hi All

I have created a job payment processing app. Each payment must be allocated against a job from the jobs table. Currently I have a choice component where user needs to look up and find the correct Job Ref / Name in order to allocate to a job.

What I want is to allow users to capture an intuitive plain text description to search jobs in the jobs table:
“Lancome in November 2023”
“Boyz2Men in October”

And have a filtered list of “suggestions” from the Jobs table that could be used as the source from which a single correct job could be nominated for that payment.

Jobs table has following fields:
RowID (which is the field stored against each Payment referencing the Job)
Job Ref # and Job Name
Project Start Date
Project End Date

I am thinking:

  1. I would need to build a template column that “houses” all of the relevant Job fields in the Job table.
  2. Bring that into the New Payment Form (via a relation based on Current User ID and a look up on this template column?)
  3. I need to make this available to be searched against. (How?)
  4. Make the suggestions selectable and then allocate the RowID of the Job record and to the Job field in the payments table.

Am I on the correct track? Any ideas or pointers on best way to achieve this?

Sounds like a use case I discussed with @Darren_Murphy and @Robert_Petitto recently.

What I did in my case was telling AI to write a JavaScript function based on the query, and cast it to the table you want to filter. My function returns true or false, so I filter by true.

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