Using a choice field as a filter in DETAILS view

I have a DETAILS view of a tab.

I have a screen element of Choices (which is displaying values as Male and Female.
I also have a list below it which is displaying people who have as one of their columns, gender.

Can the choice selected above be used to filter the names of people below? Is there a way to connect the choice element to filter the list below it?! This means when I click on “Male” in the choice field, only the names with the gender “Male” are displayed in the list below.

The filter that Glide seems to have by default requires clicking on the funnel at the top right and going to another screen to filter.

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 17.13.08|690x344

Yes, you should be able to set a a filter where Gender is ‘Screen Value’ → Gender from the choice component.

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Thanks Jeff!!!