Users - Private and Public

I know this topic has been talked about so much, but I have to admit, it’s still cloudy to me. Here’s my case scenario if someone could explain to me if it would work within Glide?

We’re looking for a tool to build a custom Funding and Volunteer solution. The majority of the people who will be using and updating the solution will be internal admin folks which I understand would fit into the private users.

Where it becomes shady for me to understand is how I can allow the extensive list of volunteers to be able to update their profiles when needed. Current list of volunteers is 6K and they would not all be going in at the same time (if ever) to update their data.

There are other user groups within this same solution that would need to be considered such as funders. THen there is the obvious internal folks which would be admin, managers and the like.

How can I make Glide work for this use case scenario?

Make a separate public app where volunteers can update their profiles.


So, have two apps, one public for volunteers and one private for internal and have both point to the same source? That would work. Thank you.

Yes, that’s what he meant.

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