Can public users upload content to the glideapp?

Hi all! i have 3 related questions here:

  1. Can public users post content on a page for all to see? photos or articles? Almost like a reddit type message board post

The app i have is private to each user (pages filtered by matching to User ID so each only sees their relevant data) but i would like a tab that is a community tab so people can post. Can this be done? if so, how?

  1. If the above is possible, can I create a public profile for people to follow for their posts? Less important, but just curious.

  2. Lastly, I’d ideally like people to be able to friend/follow each other and then have private/group conversation within the app. Is this possible somehow?

Thank you all!

Yes, anybody can add or edit data if you allow it.

If users are not signed in, any data that a users will not be linked to a specific user, but you could add something to your form to include a name or somethingike that.

I assume you mean users that are signed in. @Robert_Petitto has several videos regarding following/unollowing, and chat.

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Thank you all, can’t wait to check all this out!

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