Username column

I was trying to add username automatically on posts sheet based on user profile sheet. But the username added on posts sheet is not matched properly.

Are you trying to do this in Glide, or using spreadsheet formulas?

The usual way in Glide is to create a relation between the two tables (probably using email address as the key), and then use Lookup columns to fetch those values you need to use in your Posts sheet.

on Glide. Yes. I made a relation but it didn’t work…

I checked replacements again and i found i chose wrong replacement… Thank you!

Please show screenshots of your Relation Column configuration, and your Lookup Column configuration.

ah, yes… I just noticed that username column in your Posts sheet. If that was a Lookup, you wouldn’t see it there. So are you populating that with an Add Row action?
That’s probably not the best idea… if one of your users changes their name, that won’t update.
It’s better to keep that in Glide and use a lookup from your users table.

Is this a correct way of showing items??

There is no single correct way. What you have there looks fine :+1:

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Thank you !