User Specific Number Field with Default Value

Is there a way or a workaround to set a ‘default’ value for a user specific field?

So they all start with a value of ‘1’ for example, instead of a blank.

I don’t know if this is possible, hope somebody can chime in with an idea, but while we’re at it I would appreciate if you can describe your use case so we can think of a workaround.

Is something like this?

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Hi @qb15,

As long as whatever component you’re using to display the information can display an if/else column the below should work.

  • default value column: in sheets create an array formula that simply returns the default value into every cell that has data in it (or perhaps a single value column as mentioned above)
  • user column (user specific) : if the user wants to override the default this is where they will put the data
  • display column: this column will be the one shown to the users. It will contain an if else. If user column is empty show default value else show user column. (this column should also be user specific by default as its logic references a user specific column)
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Hey @Cmstewart42 thanks for this solution. I tried to implement it.

The issue I ran into was that:

  1. IF THAN ELSE columns: These do not appear to be able to be made ‘user specific’.
  2. CHOICE: I’m using a choice field for the user to update the value. I had trouble linking this to the IF THAN ELSE/ so they coincided with each other.

So, I did figure it out though. I used the FEATURE > Visibility and created Default Value components for all displayed components. Set them to display only with no CHOICE option set, and set the CHOICE option components (the dynamic ones linked to USERS) to only be visibile once a choice is made (i.e. not NULL).

Thanks for all your help with this guys.

Hi @qb15,

I believe the if/else column inherently becomes user specific if it references a user specific column or owned row (please let me know if you find this not to be the case).

The if/else column should look something like:

  • if userchoicecolumn is empty then default column else userchoicecolumn