User specific columns are saved when the users signs up?


If a user checks some columns that are user specific and after that signs up , are the checks added to the user’s profile ?

In my experience, no. If a user specific column is filled before a user signs in, I believe the columns will be reset once they do sign in. At least that was the case a couple of years ago. Haven’t tried it since.

I just tested. My test case is as below:

  • A work table with a user-specific image column
  • I add a public tab on top of that table, added an image picker
  • Didn’t sign in at first, uploaded an image through the image picker
  • Sign in with an image that’s not in the database, the image is still there

Interesting. Good to know that it does actually work. I think I had tried to make it work with my shopping cart app a couple of years ago. I could add items to my cart, but as soon as I signed in, I lost the contents of the cart. Ended up forcing a sign-in before allowing anyone to add to the cart. That was probably pre-NCM, so it must have changed since then.

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Yeah, I think so. It’s nice that the data is kept now.

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