User Specific Column - Reset (or set) for all - possible?

Hello All,
I created an “Announcement” Feature where an admin can add announcments that appear on the home screen for users.
When a user taps the announcement it disappears (behind the scene it adds a timestamp to a User Specific Column and I don’t show announcements where this column is not empty).

I want to add an option to for the admins to reset an announcement - meaning that it will be visible again to users. even if they already saw it.

I could create a Reset button that will duplicate the announcement and create a new line with the same data - but I would just prefer to CLEAR VALUES of the user specific column?

Is there a way to do this?

In short, no.

But… here is an alternative option.

  • Create an extra basic text type column, and when an Announcement is created, populate this column with a Unique Identifier (UUID).
  • Replace your User Specific timestamp column with a User Specific text column.
  • As each user reads the announcement, set the User Specific column using the value in the UUID column.
  • Your filter then becomes “where UUID is not User Specific Value”
  • To do a global reset, simply change the value of the UUID. ie. Set Column Values → UUID → Unique Identifier.

Good workaround! Danke

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